• BONEafied Management draws from many years of experience in the music industry to effectively navigate the careers of artists that are under the BONEafied umbrela. BONEafied management has been sought out by a wide genre of talent acquisition. BONEafied management is a respected  name within the music industry and with hard work and a no nonsense stiff arm approach it will remain that.

H.U.R.B Houston Underground Rap Battle

Boneafied Booking Agency

  • BONEafied Booking Agency is the premiere booking agency in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. With hometown favorites such as Bun B and Doughbeezy as well as national headliners like Rick Ross and Future, we have been responsible for some of the most prominent shows held in Houston in the last 10 years. Our roster is filled with valuable talent, its no wonder why we tend to offer sold out shows week after week. Listen to the music here, check out some visuals here, and click here to book one of our clients for your next event. Make sure to check out the blog for news on our superstars such as where to see their upcoming performances around the Houston area.

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